Shahid Ali


Today I am sharing a Blockbuster of Shahid Ali – who finally HIT $250K a month… Yes you READ IT RIGHT!! (4 Caror 17 Lac a Month Sale). I still remember the day when he Joined Enablers Seminar on 18th August 2018 and asked me “Saqib Bhai please batain how can I create an account or koi product bhi bata dain which I can sell” – i still remember those words which I am sure he remembers as well.

As you may have seen his success story before when we posted $5k a month, $10k a month, $50k a month, $100k a month (when we called him on stage in our seminar) and then $150k a month – Today he has hit something which I am really proud to have a student like him who has a PASSION, DEDICATION, EAGER TO ALWAYS LEARN and NOT GIVING UP! He is doing a combination of FBA Private Label + Dropshipping.

What does it mean for you

It means even though your background is not in IT or you have no business knowledge of Amazon then still you can do it but with proper mentorship, guidance and with the CAN DO attitude – not just keep learning it – atleast take an action everyday and then you will see results inshAllah. Shahid was NOT successful from Day 1 – he was failed few times initially but with his mindset which was usually teach in our Boot Camp has become a valuable asset for him. He was my Boot Camp Student when I used to run early batches and he was in batch 3 or 4 I believe.

Congratulation to Shahid Bhai who has WON the show at Enablers and we are all proud to have students like him. As most of you know Shahid is now Part of Enablers and acting as Trainer in Enablers Boot Camps.

Remember i said – sale is going to be 200% UP this year – if you still want to sit at home and watch news or see other’s status then it’s your choice but this is the right time to start to get into this business as I said many times in last few weeks.

Some Questions from Shahid Ali

How did you decide to be a seller on Amazon?

I had Architecture, Interior, and Construction business, but I always wanted to do some online business that flourishes simultaneously. The impact of being able to sell on Amazon is almost beyond words.

How Enablers helped in changing your mind?

It was August 2018, when I attended a seminar from Enablers, which changed my way of thinking for the online business to Amazon FBA business. I met Mr. Saqib Azhar for the detailed training at Enabler’s platform to get the knowledge for how things actually work from start to finish. It was great training sessions with the best mentors, and I should mention that it was practical training all the way.

How did you manage to be on the first page?

I implemented EBR (Enablers Blitz Rank) and progressed further, and you can clearly see the results. I left my full-time property business, and now I am fully into the typical entrepreneur mindset and building my property asset on Amazon. I am on the first page for the main keywords, BSR below 3k, and I have my Best Seller Badge on Amazon. Being on the first page with the well-optimized listing, my sales are just at the right place.

How much time did it take for you to be a successful seller?

During initial training sessions, I created my Amazon FBA account and started sourcing products, and by the end of the training, I was able to send those products from China to Amazon FBA warehouse in the USA. Now I am a successful seller on Amazon USA with my own brand.

How was your experience with Enablers?

I want to Thank Mr. Saqib and the team of Enablers for their efforts in enabling the people of Pakistan by helping them know how they can start successful Amazon FBA business. I must say Mr. Saqib was very cooperative. He listened to my issues whenever I approached him, suggested changes in my listing, guided me properly, and, most importantly, motivated me to go beyond limits. What I am today is because of following his saying, “There is no Plan B.”