Syed Mustafa


According to my opinion in Shopify Dropshipping, the main thing is to find good products and test them one by one. Marketing is also the main part but if the product is not right so marketing does nothing if you are not focusing on product hunting so you are making the business for Facebook by paying them a high budget and getting zero ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). So always try to do complete product research before marketing. And this is just my opinion and experience and if you have a different point of view so I can respect that too. As the first month of this new year (January) is going to be end soon so I am going to attach the screenshot of our store's sale's in January to keep you guys motivated. Thanks, Saqib Bhai thanks #Enablers and all the members who helped me and for being the reason by which I came into this. Feel free to ask any queries I will be really happy to help you all from my experience. Thanks and Best Regards