Zeba Noor


I’m from VA batch 5. I posted my failure story back in Nov and now Alhamdullilah able to post a minor achievement which is start of massive one. I'm working on in wholesale USA. The most valuable lessons aren't taught. they're experienced Lessons: Add Allah in your journey and seek help from Him. Everything happens for a reason, no matter how bad. That contribute to your better version. So Be patient in hard times. If you are tired of struggle, take a rest but never quit. Share for getting opportunity Don’t judge, anyone can be a mini bomb of talent and knowledge. Never hesitate in asking questions. Don’t portray yourself expert, be humble and real. It has more scope. Forget about solo achievements, I acknowledge the greatness of @Ali Rizwan, who made my task easier most of time also Arham Tariq, @Zeeshan Ahmed, @Faizan tariq. Break stereotype that Pakistani clients are non professional. Most of them are highly professional, helpful and know the art of sound business.