Zeenat Mazhar

This is Zeenat here ! So I wanted to share my little success story with everyone in this group who is lacking motivation at the moment. I started learning this amazon business around 4 months ago and I started with just the free courses available for almost all of us. I want to thank Sir Saqib Azhar for providing us with this platform. This group is pure magic. Every person is happy to help and always eager to clear out your confusions every step of the way. I started working only after learning from free courses and this group, and in this previous month, I was earning around 150,000 PKR. I launched a Private Label product for a client of mine. We launched around 13 days ago and we have had $1292 product sales by now and our rank has decreased from 22 lac to 20-30k ( Still fluctuating). I launched this after I became a 1:1 student of Sir Rahim Khan Niazi and he was and is a big help in all of this. He taught me a lot of things that I had no idea about before this. I know its not a big accomplishment but I felt like its worth sharing. Thankyou so much Sir for your honest efforts ! Rahim Khan Niazi Thanks to every member of this group I came across in this journey and I hope it motivates some of you to try harder.