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CH Amn Ayub

Amazon Mentor

Belonging to Enablers Boot Camp and hailing from Gujranwala, Ch. Amn Ayub had a bad start to his listing as the most of us. However, while getting some tips and tricks from Enablers’ mentors’, Amn was quickly able to recuperate his losses.
Eventually, he launched several products on Amazon and was earning $5k every month. His skills as a product hunter and seller are stupendous and Amn ensures to work proficiently to meet his targets.
That is why he illustrated brilliance that wasn’t ignored, and Enablers added him to its mentors’ team. With his experience in selling and listings optimization, Amn brings the best insights for the students, giving them a taste of real-time product optimization.
Since he has gone through failures in selling multiple times, Amn ensures to provide students with robust analysis and insights that optimize their listings, preventing mistakes and losses.