Enablers Amazon FBA Mentor

Danish Nazeer

Amazon Mentor


$1400 Mentorship
$60 Hourly Basis

A consultant from Sialkot, Danish Nazeer is one of the greatest gems of Enablers. Danish is working with Enablers since 2018, amongst the early birds that played an important part in this initiative.

Amongst his renowned efforts, Danish laid the foundations for Enablers ‘how to sell on Amazon’ Boot Camp. He owes his success to Saqib Azhar, his mentor, and has utmostly done his best to ensure his efforts are fruitful.

Danish is well-known for his skills and knowledge of marketplace selling. Being from the manufacturing hub of the country, he made sure to bring out the best from the city and he did by managing Enablers Investment Club, EIC.

He has conducted one-on-one sessions with trainees for EIC and has successfully launched over 11 products. Under the mentorship of Saqib Azhar, Danish is able to expand his field of expertise and is now selling in the US and the UK market.

As a mentor, he ensures to imitate his mentor, giving the best knowledge to the students, enabling them to pursue entrepreneurship, establishing eCommerce businesses to earn passive income.

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