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Amazon Mentor

A civil eng. by profession but an eCommerce specialist by skills, Jahanzeb is making wonders with his knowledge of both domains. He’s one of the mentors and ‘Enablers’ KSA Representative’ who has been with the organization through thick and thin.

He not only has a successful business on Amazon but also run his Job as a construction manager in the KSA. Jahanzeb is one of the most cooperating and collaborating gems working with Enablers.

Apart from his profession, Jahanzeb has been affiliated with different businesses in KSA from last 08 years. In these years, he has achieved numerous milestones and is now dealing with several accounts.

His insights and knowledge in the domain have established his reach on many products with 20 brands. When it comes to mentor-ship, Jahanzeb holds a collaborating profile, offering a resource pool for the students to benefit from.

He's now trained many students from Pakistan & Gulf region that are now successfully running their businesses on Amazon. Jahanzeb is one of the charismatic personalities amongst Enablers’ mentors who is fun to work with.