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Fawad Umar

Amazon Mentor

Fawad Umar is MBA Qualified with 6+ years in a fast-paced e-commerce business serving as an expert trainer and consultant in Enabler’s Mentor Team.

Fawad Umar isn’t just only trainer but has an expert eye in engaging and selling on different e-commerce platforms such as Amazon FBA Wholesale, Dropshipping, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Facebook, and Shopify etc.

Being tech-savvy and having a business mindset, Fawad Umar established his own business then engaged with Enablers to boost his experience.

His insight and knowledge lead him to launch 20 successful products in a different category and generated $50k worth of Revenue.

Now sharing his years’ worth of knowledge and always encouraging to turn passion into income. He has trained his 500+ students in e-commerce and who have generated $0.65 million gross revenue and still growing to scale up their online businesses.