Amazon 1-1 Coaching From immad-ishaq

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Immad Ishaq

Amazon Mentor

Joining Enablers' mentors' team is one of the most competitive people that Enablers have benefited from working with. Belonging to Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Immad Ishaq holds 17 years of professional experience. He has served 12 years in national and international banks, holding positions such as regional sales manager, regional business coordinator, etc. He's managing his business for the last 5 years.

He joined Enablers with batch 8 of the boot camp and became a part of the mentors’ community in 2019. Immad is all minds when it comes to having extensive knowledge in terms of business development and project management.

Shining in his portfolio are his accomplishments of managing numerous projects worth over PKR 200 million, collaborating with UNICEF, UNHCR, TIKA, FSP, WHO, KPITB, NADRA, TCF, etc.

Even with his hands full, he managed to sustain his Amazon business, earning good money. To date, he's taught and trained over 50 PL students with 1:1 training sessions. He's an expert that will come up with mind-boggling business strategies and guides students with the utmost professionalism, offering insights that prove fruitful according to market trends.