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Khurram Khalid

Head of Trainings

A skilled professional, having expertise in sales and marketing with years of experience, Khurram Khalid is one of the choicest gems Enablers has. After completing his training from Enablers, Khurram contemplated a wide range of helpful strategies that helped improved organizational proceedings. No matter the issue, Khurram brings his utmost best to facilitate the students. From stupendous workability to outstanding brainstorming skills, he comes with adroit consultation that is unprecedented. Apart from that, he comes with a relentless performance, having a keen eye for the latest trends of the eCommerce world.

As a mentor, Khurram brings his top game with a mind-boggling skillset and an in-depth perception that enables students to grasp every word. Even though he has a finance background, Khurram Khalid has always been fascinated by technology. From modern innovations to the latest trends, he’s got eyes on ever-changing technology, which refines his knowledge and skills. Brilliance and ingenuity define his workability as an individual. Being visionary and now tech-savvy, he proposes unique solutions to students and organizations that prove valuable. His passion for technology and his strive to do his best enable him to overcome any impediments.