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Khurram Khalid

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Meet Mr. Khurram Khalid. He has an advanced background in sales and marketing world. Over the past few years, he has built a repertoire of helpful strategies and resources by getting completely trained from Enablers.

Whether it’s high level strategy, a specific problem to be solved, he has got you covered with his dedicated Amazon Seller Consultation by equipping you with complete Amazon selling knowledge and techniques while decreasing hassles. Moreover, he also provides personalized Amazon Consulting Services and believes in a highly collaborative approach.

Technology is something which he is most passionate about and have always been fascinated by how technology helps solve most quagmires of modern day life. If technology were a religion then he will be its most ardent follower.

Even though  he specialized in Finance in his professional career. It wasn’t an easy decision for him but after self-discovery he has chosen to continue living tech-savvy life. This switch has come because of the love and passion he has for Information and Technology.

As a visionary he believe in that working with creative and innovative companies and individuals is a proposition and can benefit both.

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