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Meer Hamza

Amazon Mentor


$1200 Mentorship
$60 Hourly Basis

Enablers’ consultant from Gujranwala, Meer Hamza is one of the pioneers amongst Enablers’ mentors’ team. Meer Hamza holds a fabulous grip on product hunting, sourcing, and launching. He was one of the brightest amongst the students during the Enablers Boot Camp, proving his skills and knowledgeability.

As a mentor, Meer comes with special tricks and some of the best understandable arguments that make him outstanding amongst others. He’s also Enablers chosen Ambassador for Gujranwala, responsible for organizing seminars and training for the newcomers.

As a specialist in product hunting, Meer is handling 6-figure Amazon seller accounts, hunting products for multinational companies. His compelling expertise and adroitness in the field have earned him his status. While teaching and training students, he brings what he likes to call ‘a comprehensive yet detailed approach to successful product hunting,’ giving students the best mentorship they can get.

Being a youngster himself, Meer understands the burden the youth of Pakistan is facing and vows to enable as many as he can to establish successful eCommerce businesses.

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