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Qasim Raza

Amazon Mentor

Enablers Lead Trainer and Ambassador from Sialkot, Qasim Raza has years of experience working as an eCommerce expert. He gained recognition when during his training under COO Enablers Faisal Azhar in Boot Camp, he managed to successfully launch a new product in the Amazon US market.

Ever since then, Qasim has been dedicatedly and passionately working on Amazon PL, using his expertise, managing high-rated accounts, and earning great sums. Qasim has more than 6 years of experience while working with Amazon and eBay. However, he’s an old wine with over 16 years of experience in the export industry.

A knowledgeable person, Qasim always has the urge to better himself, exploring new domains and testing himself. As a mentor, he always urges the students to explore their hidden potentials and to explore problems for finding solutions themselves.

However, he does his best offering top of the line assistance to those in need and making sure everyone understands what they’re doing. He aims not only to educate but to motivate students in creating opportunities for themselves.