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Sahrish Gull

Female Lead Ambassador

Following the vision of enabling the women of Pakistan, Enablers’ female ambassador, Sahrish Gull, is one of the most competitive parts of the Enablers’ mentors’ team. A freelancer and a motivational speaker herself, Sahrish brings outstanding capabilities of strategically establish one’s business on Amazon.

Talking to women and empowering them with her words, character, and charismatic personality is what Sahrish is good at. She brings her best into enabling women to compete with men and even exceed them in terms of achieving success.

She’s been working as a freelancer for the past decade and has a solid grip on launching with EBR, PPC, product hunting, and EBC. She’s training for Amazon PL and VA; however, her role as a mentor is a beacon of motivation for the women of Pakistan.

From being a student of the 8th Enablers Boot Camp to being one of the most dedicated and vigilant personnel Enablers have, Sahrish has proven herself as an ambitious and steadfast mentor who is enabling Pakistani women to come forth in the world of eCommerce.