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Sajjad Malik

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Mr. Sajjad Malik is a proactive member of the enablers team.

Sajjad is the Enablers Consultant for Amazon FBA PL. He has vast experience in different businesses both at the National and International Levels. He knows all the ins and outs of the laws and rules you might need for Amazon Seller Account Opening,LLC Registration, Bank Accounts, Visa, and Immigration related things. (So if you are interested to get Visa or Immigration on the base of your Amazon Business Sajjad is just a phone call away)

Apart from his successes, He has had a lot of failures and like Thomas Edison, Malik Sb knows a thousand ways to not get successful and can correct and save you before you even start working on that failed method.

You might ask what i will learn from Sajjad…?
Clarity, Control, and Confidence.

He will give you clarity on the business model, Tell you how to keep it in your Control(not in Amazon’s) and Confidence from the Day 1 to start.
This way he makes Learning and Earning as simple as possible.

You can also call him to book an appointment @03345687294 so that you don’t have to waste your precious time while waiting for him!

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