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Mr. Saqib Awan is our youngest consultant and trainer for KP. He is our Bootcamp student which was sponsored by UNDP.
He is a Software Engineering graduate from one of the reputed universities in KP i.e. IM|SCIENCES Peshawar. Programming and freelancing experience is more than 3 years and has been in the online industry like Fiverr, freelancer.com, PeoplePerHour, etc. He has trained many listing promoters and Virtual Assistants who are successfully earning a handsome amount. He is a Wholesale FBA expert and trained many sellers of the Wholesale FBA business model. These are a few of the expertise he holds and which are the reasons why Enablers chose him to become part of their mentor team.
He will give you clarity on the business model, Tell you how to keep it in your Control(not in Amazon’s) and Confidence from Day 1 to start.
This way he makes Learning and Earning as simple as possible.
He joined Enablers in August 2020 and trying to help and empower others with Enablers. He is our consultant & trainer in the Peshawar office, providing trainings to our Listing Promoters, Virtual Assistants and Wholesale FBA students, and also 1:1 International Students.

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