Amazon 1-1 Coaching From saqib-awan

Saqib Awan

Amazon Mentor

One of the prodigies of Enablers who is the youngest consultant and trainer, Saqib Awan, is a software engineering graduate who has been affiliated with freelancing for more than 3 years now. From Fiverr to PeoplePerHour, he has worked on various platforms, successfully completing numerous jobs.

Saqib Awan has trained several listings promoters and virtual assistants that are now working promptly in their domains. His command on Wholesale FBA is commendable, making him stand out amongst Enablers’ mentor’s team.

Another reason why Saqib is renowned as a great mentor is the clarity of his ideas, which ensures competitive performance. He’s known for illustrating theories with practical examples that give a complete overflow of one’s business.

Saqib believes in offering control to the students to build confidence in them from day one. He ensures the credibility of the knowledge gained by the students and asks them to try and test themselves because he believes in making mistakes to learn swiftly.

He joined Enablers in august 2020 and is now handling everything for Enablers Peshawar. From coaching students in 1:1 sessions for virtual students to giving them training on Amazon FBA, he’s one gem that you’d surely want to be mentored under.