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Saqib Intizar

Amazon Mentor

Bringing the zeal of his youth, Saqib Intizar is one of the youngest consultants and trainers to join Enablers’ mentor’s team. Student of the 9th Enablers Boot Camp and VA Batch 2 in 2019, Saqib Intizar became the centre of attention when he showcased his skills as a listings promoter.

A computer science graduate, a skilled graphics designer, and animator with an extensive portfolio of 8 years, Saqib Intizar is well-versed with numerous freelancing platforms working as a full time freelancer.

Whether it’s client dealing or managing projects, he has never wavered nor failed to prove himself. He’s managed several meetups in Karachi and has also been called as a guest speaker to numerous seminars.

Having a keen eye for digital marketing and artificial intelligence, Saqib has trained numerous freelancers and has mentored students of VA Batch 5. Causing an illusion with his words, Saqib ensures to capture the audience with his unique deliverance. However, it’s not just the word but his intellect, market knowledge, and competency that engulfs the audience’s attention. Saqib has mentored students from VA, Amazon PL, and other domains with 1:1 sessions.