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Shahab Khan

Amazon Mentor


$1050 Mentorship
$100 Hourly Basis

With more than 4 years of experience in the industry of online buying and selling, Shahab Khan has proven his expertise as an Enablers’ mentor. From successfully conducting Enablers’ boot camps to training sessions, Shahab has shown excellence that is worth every praise.

One of the compelling features about Shahab is his dedication to accomplish tasks and the urge to charge ahead of others. He takes the responsibility of taking matters into his hands while organizing everything on time and without fail.

When it comes to mentorships, Shahab is also regarded as one of the student’s favourites due to his understanding and humble way of communication. He does his best to offer the latest market insights while elaborating students on becoming an accomplished entrepreneur.

For Shahab, Enablers is the only platform that has helped address the needs of the people while offering pro-active solutions. He joined the Enablers’ mentors’ team to make sure he plays his part in enabling the country towards a digital future.

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