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Shahid Ali

Amazon Mentor



Shahid Ali’s Blockbuster is that he is earning $250K a month. Yes you READ IT RIGHT!!

He joined Enablers back in 2018 and is progressing rapidly. He started his journey earning from $5k a month, $10k a month, $50k a month, $100k a month, then $150k a month and presently holds a success story of earning $250k+ on monthly basis. He is a passionate, dedicated and always eager to learn mentor who does not give up at any cost. He holds command over FBA Private Label and as well as Dropshipping.

He first proved himself and rocked the show being as Enablers Boot Camp Student. Great to have him now as part of Team Enablers.

He is leading Drop-Shipping Training as well now under Enablers Platform to share his practical knowledge and is Enabling others to create their success stories!

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