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Syed Muneeb Ali

Amazon Mentor

Syed Muneeb Ali is a 6 Figure Amazon Seller who has more than 4-year experience of Self-Publishing books on different platforms. His core expertise is in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, also known as KDP. It is one of the largest Print-On-Demand platform for books and e-books by Amazon.

As a Self-Publishing business owner Syed Muneeb Ali has published more than 150 e-books/books on Amazon and scaled multiple Amazon KDP accounts that consistently earn $5000-$8000 royalties per month.

He joined Enablers in 2021 as a Trainer & Kindle Specialist. Because of his unprecedented skill set and expertise, he’s part of Enablers Research and Development Team as well. Other than that he’s also leading Kindle face-to-face (Rawalpindi/Islamabad) and online trainings.