Amazon 1-1 Coaching From tehreem-muzammil

Tehreem Muzammil

Amazon Mentor

Miss Tehreem Muzammil is our lead Female consultant and trainer of Sindh region. She was Enablers VA Batch 5 student of Enablers, because of her dedication towards her work and her leadership skills and a wonderful vision to empower females was the reason that differentiates her and this is the beauty of her dream of Enabled Women of Pakistan.

She is an Avionics Engineering graduate from one of the reputed Pakistan Air force University in Karachi i.e. Pakistan Air force Institute of Economics and technology.

During her studies she had worked with the most prestigious industry of Pakistan, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex KAMRA. Where she had done a detailed research on Fighter Jets and especially on Simulators and JF-17 Thunder. Other than this she was working with Pakistan‘s best Drones making company “Integrated Dynamics” as Avionics Engineer. The quality of Drones that we make is good enough that in the USA, UK, China they demand our Designed Drones.

Programming on different software’s, making simulations and freelancing experience is more than 1 years. She has trained many Virtual Assistants who are successfully earning a handsome amount of money with great visions in their mind. She is a Private Label FBA expert and trained many sellers of this business model. These are a few of the expertise she holds and which are the reasons why Enablers chose him to become part of their mentor team.

She will give you clarity on the business models available and why choose anyone of them, where u will be standing after 5 years if you take care of some certain things, Tell you how to keep it in your Control(not in Amazon’s) and Confidence from Day 1 to start. Her story telling and real case studies makes Learning and Earning as simple as possible.

She had joined Enablers in August 2020 and is trying to help and empower females with Enablers. She is our consultant & trainer in the Sindh Region office, providing training to our Virtual Assistants and Private label FBA students, and also 1:1 International Students.