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Zubair Taj

Amazon Mentor

Enablers Lead Trainer from Wah Cantt, Zubair Taj started his journey as a Private Label Boot Camp student in early 2020 and successfully launched his own products on the Amazon USA market. And now, he is a 5 figure seller on Amazon. Recently, his success story was also published on a well-known platform Qasim Ali Shah Foundation.

Having more than 10 years of business experience in different fields, his experience is now getting beneficial for Amazon’s business as well. He has done Telecommunications Engineering from FAST ISB, did jobs in a few multinational organizations and after that joined Event Management Business.

Zubair Taj has vast experience selling private label products in Amazon USA, UK and Germany markets. Recently, he has also launched products in the Amazon UAE market.

Focusing on collaboration and critical thinking, Zubair Taj communicates with students in the most respectful and easy-to-understand manner. His words work magically, which is why numerous students have already benefited from his training. While teaching students, he always urges them to think outside the box and figure out solutions for any problem. As a result of his teaching skills, most of his students, from all the batches, have made their life a success, and are already earning an amazing amount of money.