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ASIN Partnership Program

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Duration: 2 months / 2 classes in a week
Class Timing: To be mutually decided with Students
Mode Of Training: Online

950 USD

  • Free Access to Enabling Video Series (EVS v3.0) Worth ($160)
  • Enablers Certificates for Successful Students
  • The Trainer Support (Face to Face & Online)
  • Access to eCommerce Experts Platforms
  • A Program to Practical Approach
  • Opportunity to Create Account and Utilize Best Communication Strategies
  • Apply Contemporary Strategies to Get Profit from Amazon Account for Better Sales
  • Ability to Analyze and Audit Your Amazon Products
  • Learn Skills to Make Partners and Build Your Own Million Dollar Account
Online Via Zoom

ASIN Partnership Program and make pathways to build your own Business with Partnership!

The ASIN Partnership Program is a practical boot camp specially designed for those who want to earn passive income by making less effort while using effective business techniques. Amazon is an emerging platform in Pakistan, providing countless opportunities for the people who want to adopt the eCommerce skillset and become serial entrepreneurs and businessmen regardless of geographical locations.

Amazon is a massive platform, providing benefits to people with a greatest excel in business and helping them to mark their success in the eCommerce trade. By using the effective strategies of the boot camp, you will increase your profit through your newly added products, monitor your performance and use multiple strategies to make it a tremendous success that will generate revenue for your lifetime.

Join ASIN Partnership Program and make pathways to build your own Business with Partnership!


ASIN Partnership Program and make pathways to build your own Business with Partnership

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This is a complete overview of the actions you will take while building your business with the Enablers.

  1. INTRODUCTION TO AMAZON & ASIN Partnership Program

    • What is Amazon Standard Identification Number
    • Importance of ASIN for an Amazon Seller
    • How to Build Mindset/Soft Skills
  2. Amazon Account

    • The Process to Create Amazon Account
    • Understanding of Amazon Account
    • The Process to Add Product on Amazon
    • How to Find ASIN in your Amazon Account
  3. Communication Strategies

    • Introduction to Communication Strategies
    • Useful Communication Strategies
    • Communication Strategies for Order Placement
    • Order Preparation for Product Shipment
    • How to Build up your Buyer and Seller Database.
  4. Analysis

    • What is Product Analysis
    • How to do Product Analysis on Amazon
    • Importance of Breakeven Analysis of Amazon Products
    • How to Calculate Profit & Loss Margin
  5. Audit

    • What is Listing Audit
    • How to do Listing Audit
    • What is Indexing and How to do it
    • What is Keyword Analysis
  6. Importance of Search Terms

    • Business Evaluation What is Business Evaluation
    • Importance of Evaluation of your Business
    • How to Perform Evaluation of your Business
  7. Practical Experience

    • How to Add Products in your Amazon Account
    • How to Do Product Sourcing
    • Assess, Monitor, and Run Amazon Account with the Products
    • Most Effective Strategies to Get Profit from Amazon Account
    • How to Make Partners and Build your Own Million Dollar Account