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Learn English Language to Improve Speaking, Writing, Reading

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Nov 22, 2022

Duration: 2 Months with 1 Year support
Class Timing: To be decided with students
Mode Of Training: On Campus

15,000 PKR

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  • 2 months of Detailed Sessions
  • Be Fluent in Spoken and Business English via “Learning by Doing”
  • Do Express Yourself in English with Accuracy and Confidence
  • Make Pathways to Generate Revenue
  • Enablers Certificate for Successful Candidates
  • Become a Freelance Spoken English Teacher/Virtual Assistant
  • Communicate in Practical, Business-oriented Situations
  • Get Hired on Amazon and other International and Local eCommerce Platforms
  • Handle themselves in English in a Variety of Business Contexts Using Telephone, Networking, E-mail Writing, Business Letters, etc.
Lahore | Hyderabad


Do you want to get hired on Amazon and make an impression on your employer? Do you feel hesitation while speaking in English and lose words while writing a business simple or negotiation e-mail? If yes, then this boot camp is designed keeping in view the up-to-date material relevant to the business sector and to “Modern Business Management Practices”.

This boot camp is at delivering concrete measurable results in terms of fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and technical lexis enrichment. The boot camp is an excellent training opportunity for participants while having benefits of psychological effect as a self-motivation enhancing and a much-valued personal development tool.

Error correction and language upgrading sessions, led by grammar and functional language analysis, consolidation, review and development of general and specific vocabulary areas, pronunciation practice are some key points that will help you to enrich proficiency. All tasks are suppose to set within real-case scenarios and will make use of case studies, videos from native speakers, role plays and learner-level suitable and challenging didactic material.

From theory to practice, you will learn everything you need to be fluent in Spoken and Business English that is essential for you.


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Module Breakdown

Now…here’s something SUPER EXCITING that we have to share with you…

This is a complete overview of the actions you will take while building your business with the Enablers.

  1. Introduction

    • SWOT Analysis
    • Overview of Boot Camp
    • Introduction to Themselves
    • Describing Roles and Responsibilities of Virtual Assistance
    • Understanding of the Ethics of Business Communication
    • Use of Language in Typical and Critical Scenarios (Key Issues)
  2. Social Networking

    • Introduction to Social Networking
    • Ways to Perform Effective Communication
    • Understanding of First Five Minute Rule
    • Introduction to Speed Networking-the elevator pitch
    • Small Talk, Turn-Taking
    • How to Stand out in Business Conventions
  3. Telephoning

    • Making and Taking Phone Calls
    • How to Connect a Caller
    • Understand how to Check and Clarify Information
    • Listening to Different Accents and Intonation
    • Practice with Specific Phrases
    • Mock Calls to Native English Speakers
  4. Business Correspondence

    • How to Write Business Letters
    • Business Letters and Types With Specific Layout and Sample Templates
    • Emails-register, Style, Standard Phrasing
    • How to Make Notes and Memos
    • Introduction to Business-specific Language Phrases
  5. Conventions of Meetings

    • How to Conduct Meetings
    • Chairing, Setting the Agenda, Controlling the Conversation
    • Participating, Turn-Taking and Listening Notes
    • Being Diplomatic, Agreeing and Disagreeing
  6. Negotiation

    • Key Points of Negotiating Language (in written and oral)
    • How to Frame Your Argument
    • Negotiating with Suppliers
    • Negotiating with customers
  7. Making Presentations

    • Introduction to Effective Business Presentations
    • How to Introduce Topic Effectively
    • Understanding of Linking and Sequencing Ideas
    • Listening to Others and Give Proper Feedback
  8. Process Management in Business Scenarios

    • Describing Processes
    • Cause and Effect Relationship
    • What is Criticizing and Recommending
    • Introduction to Quality Assurance
    • How to Make Continuous Improvement
  9. Formal Report Writing

    • Skim Reading Reports and News Feeds
    • How to Report Information and Ideas
    • Writing Reports: Style, Register, Convention

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