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Case Study Based Amazon Boot Camp

(Private Label, Wholesale, Freelancing)
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Practical Case Study Based Boot Camp


The Case Study Based Boot Camp is specially designed for students to see things practically via case study where Enablers will be able to show students practical running Amazon accounts. During this practice, they will be able to see how to generate profit from Private Label and Wholesale in the form of a case study.

Team of Enablers will be using Running Amazon accounts which will have running ASINs or may Launch new ASINs to show the Return of investment (ROI) against specific accounts for Private Label Listing & Wholesale Listing.

In this Case Study Boot Camp, you will also be able to learn how to launch your own Private Label Brand, wholesale and as well as to learn how to manage running accounts practically by looking at running practical accounts. This is purely based on Case Study and running accounts practically to provide students with practical yet LIVE exposure.

Module Breakdown

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This is a complete overview of the actions you will take while building your business with the Enablers.

Amazon Private Label | Case Study Based

  • What is e-commerce & Intro, Type e-commerce
  • What All We know About The Business Types. B2B, B2C, C2C, Alibaba
  • A Brief Intro Of Amazon and Economic as Well as Financial Aspects
  • Intro you Amazon Markets and How to Get your Self Registered Into One
  • Why Amazon Only, The Present , Past and Future of Amazon
  • A little About the Private Label (PL)
  • The Difference Between Wholesale (WS) and PL
  • Intro of Amazon Business Models as FBM and FBA and Type of Amazon Account
  • Creation of Seller Accounts and Paperwork Required
  • Linking of Payment Method and Charge Method For You Amazon Account
  • We Will Study Trademark and Brand Registration
  • Details of Owner and Child Accounts
  • Product Research and Hinting
  • Keywords Search and Use Keywords and How to Do That
  • Product Ideas and Searching of Products
  • Gated Products and Ungated Items
  • Which Product is the Best For Selling
  • How to Launch the Brand and What is BBL
  • What Products We Have to Avoid For Selling
  • Patents and How to Use This
  • Type of Patents Like Utility and Design Patents
  • How to Cross Check the Registered Patents
  • Benefits of Patents Registration
  • Amazon Tools and How to Buy And Use them
  • A Details Introduction of Major Tools Used For Amazon
  • What is Competitor Pickup and Picking
  • Product Sourcing and Reliable Web For Sourcing
  • Dealing With the Manufacturer and Pricing Adjustments
  • Dealing With the Shipments
  • Ex-W, FOB DDP and Freight Forwarder
  • Amazon Calculator and Revenue Calculators
  • Product Sourcing, Sampling and Inspection
  • Search Terms And How to Search Them on Amazon
  • Type of Listing, Single, Variation and Me Too Listing
  • How to List the Products on Seller Central
  • Shipment Plans Creation, Labelling Products And Box Label
  • Tracking ID’s and Dispatching Through UPS/ FedEx
  • Delegation Of Shipment Plans and Making Changes in That
  • Multi-Channel Fulfilment MCF Orders
  • How to Get Connected With Amazon Team
  • PPC, Companies, Sponsored Ads, Brand Ads, Display Ads, Auto and Manual
  • Targeting the ASIN and Creating the Ad Group
  • Products Launching
  • Order management
  • Shipments and Carrier
  • Return and Cancelled Orders
  • Deals and Coupons
  • Amazon Seller Account Management
  • Always update your info and Knowledge
  • Amazon Seller University
  • Freelancing and Clientage


  • What is the Deference B/W PL, WS, BBL
  • Type of Amazon Accounts
  • What are the Products on Amazon
  • Products Hunting (Gated / ungated)
  • Keywords and how to use them
  • What All products we are looking for
  • Google trends and BSR
  • Product Hunting Criteria
  • What is the Patent and types
  • Product Sourcing and Brand Approvals
  • DDP / LC and Tax issues
  • Amazon Revenue Calculator
  • Product Listing
  • Shipment Plans and how to make one
  • How to add the existing products
  • How to make the variations in listing
  • Order Management
  • Reports generation in Amazon Central
  • Return order management
  • Refund and message response
  • Sponsored products and adds
  • PPC Campaign Optimizing
  • Advertising Cost of Sales
  • How to manage deals


  • Main Types of Ecommerce Business
  • Bulk Manufacturing
  • What is Amazon
  • A Little About the Amazon Markets
  • How to Sell on Amazon as FBA and FBM
  • Type of Seller Account on Amazon
  • Amazon Owner and Child Accounts
  • What's All A Freelancer Has to Do
  • Seller Account Management
  • Product Hunting
  • Product Listing
  • Listing Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Who is the Freelancer
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Reviews Management
  • Image Designing
  • Coupons and Promotion Creation
  • FBM Orders Management
  • FBA Shipment Plan Creation
  • Mee too Listing
  • Listing Error fixing
  • Launching and Ranking
  • Customer Support
  • Selling / Hunting Criteria in UK Market
  • Brand Building and Launching
  • Selling / Hunting Criteria for BBL Products
  • What All Products We Must Avoid
  • Utility and Design Patents
  • Amazon Tools
  • Competitor Picking / Pickup
  • Product Sourcing
  • Top Best Sourcing Web
  • Ex W, FOB, DDP, FF Details
  • Amazon Profit Calculations
  • Product Sampling
  • Listing of Products and UPC, EAN, ISBN, Product ID’s, UPC, SKU
  • Search Terms, Single Listing, Variation and Mee Too listing