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Enablers Express Launch (EXL) | Hands On Approach

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Jul 30, 2022

Duration: Aim to Complete in 3 Months
Class Timing: 1 Session Per Week
Mode Of Training: Online & Face to Face

16,000 PKR

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  • 3 Months Hand on Sessions
  • The Mentor Support
  • Lifetime Access to the Private and Exclusive Community
  • The Upgraded Private Enablers Community
  • FREE Enabling Video Series (EVS v3.0) Access worth ($160)
  • A chance to learn from eCommerce experts
Online Via Zoom | Wah Cantt



Enablers Express Launch (EXL) is the step towards the future of eCommerce training. Enablers has launched practical sessions via Zoom for anyone who wants to participate in the practical Live Launch and for those who wants to explore practical aspects of their knowledge.

The EXL is specially designed to offer extensive practical and hands-on experience for students who have gone through theoretical parts of EVS training.

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What is Enablers Express Launch (EXL)

With hundred of thousands students already a part of Enabling Video Series (EVS), Enablers aims to add at least 5 Lac students more to this program by the end of the year 2023. However, what the team has observed is many students are complaining about the lack of practical insights. Apart from those that were able to successfully launch their products, some failed. Considering the fact, Enablers is now stepping up more than before for helping Enablers’ students. Enablers Express Launch (EXL) is the new initiative that has been introduced by Enablers to show the experience of Live Launch.

This EXL is designed ‘by Enablers’ and ‘Enablers will be bearing all of its expenses.” EXL which will be from account opening until Launching to Live one product.

Students will be given some tasks during this launch which will be their hands on practice of actual task which are needed to complete in order to launch one product.

From what the students have learned, mentors for one Launch will test it by giving tasks and assignments for the students to prove their knowledge.

Who can join EXL?

This live launch is just for students who are trained and have enough knowledge of Amazon Private Label.

How can you join?

The Enablers Xpress Launch will contemplate groups that will comprise of no more than 50 students. This is to ensure proper exposure without cramming the sessions. Students will have to go through a screening interview. The interviewers from the Enablers’ team will decide whether or not the student has grasped theoretical knowledge or not. Moreover, completing the Private Label FBA video course is also a mandatory requirement for this course in EVS. A group of 50 students will be assigned a mentor that will lead the launch. From practical knowledge to tasks, including product hunting, etc. will be assigned to the students.

What can you expect?

This EXL is a golden opportunity for two entities:

1. For people/ students that already have launched their products successfully and want to work with Enablers as mentors.

2. Students that have gained theoretical knowledge and want to engage in real live practical sessions.

The EXL practical training sessions via zoom, including product hunting, product launching, etc. Mentors will be selected from Enablers or from a pool of students/people that want to join the program as mentors and become a part of the largest growing eCommerce organization in the country.


Before enrolling in the course, the students should be aware of the following terms and conditions:
  • Only 1 product will be launched during the training session of 3 months.
  • Mentors or Enablers will not be responsible for failure in case of launching the product as that is just to show demonstration.
  • No revisions will be made after 3 months
  • Students will have to sign a consent form that will approve of the conditions imposed for this course.
  • Enablers holds the right to close the launch at any time.
  • There is no support against this EXL – this is just practical sessions against one launch on Amazon.


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