Local eCommerce in Pakistan | eCommerce Entrepreneurship Program by Enablers

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Local eCommerce in Pakistan

(eCommerce Entrepreneurship Program)

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Nov 20, 2022

Duration: 3 Months with 6 Months support
Session Timing: To be mutually decided with Students
Mode Of Training: Online

24,500 PKR

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  • Learn to build your brand in Pakistan
  • Get Trainer Support for 6 Months
  • Create your own store, manage logistics and generate sales
  • Become an eCommerce Entrepreneur
  • Help boost Pakistan’s manufacturing industry
  • Get Nationwide & Worldwide Recognition a as Pakistani Seller
  • Understanding the role of Social Media Marketing to enhance sales
  • Utilize the best strategies for sourcing, logistics, sales, etc. for your business
  • FREE Access to Enabling Video Series (EVS v3.0) worth ($160)
Online Via Zoom


Local Ecommerce in Pakistan is specially designed to provide extensive knowledge and complete guidelines to build your online store in Pakistani marketplaces and make it a brand. Learn to create your own store, deal with legal aspects, manage sourcing, selling, logistics, marketing and generate sales within the Pakistani market and then scale it internationally.

This boot camp is an opportunity to play your role to boost Pakistan’s manufacturing industry and get a chance to do your own profitable business with excellent customer reviews and ratings. Become a Pakistani entrepreneur and get recognition worldwide.

Module Breakdown

Now…here’s something SUPER EXCITING that we have to share with you…

This is a complete overview of the actions you will take while building your business with the Enablers.

  1. Introduction to eCommerce & Potential of the Pakistan Market

    • Introduction to e-commerce and its potential in Pakistan
    • Types of e-commerce
    • Understanding e-commerce platforms and vendors in Pakistan
    • Government regulations for the e-commerce industry
  2. Setting Up Online Store

    • Effective ways to buy a domain and link it with your store
    • Criteria to select a perfect theme for your store
    • Understanding the importance of editing the theme
  3. Select your Niche / Store Products

    • Product must-haves to beat the competition
    • Best yet profitable categories and no-go categories
    • Overview of Perfect Product Selection
    • Stretching the Enablers criteria
  4. Sourcing & Logistics from Pakistan or International

    • Criteria to select manufacturer locally or internationally
    • Strategies to negotiate with manufacturers
    • Checklist to ensure quality and request samples
    • Understanding the difference between manufacturers and importers
    • Best practices for shipping products
    • How to pay your taxes and clear your shipment in Pakistan
    • How to get access to local manufacturers
    • Ways to deal with manufacturers in different industries
  5. Listing & Page Optimisation

    • Ways to create product listing to crush your competitors
    • Strategic keyword research for top rankings
    • Product images that attract and convert
    • How to add all the elements to optimize your listing
  6. Creating Social Media Assets

    • Introduction to social media assets
    • Importance of social media assets
    • How to deal with social media assets
    • Ways to manage social media assets with DAM
    • Best strategies to maintain consistency across social media assets

    • Introduction to Facebook Ads
    • Practical Configuration Of Facebook Business
    • Walkthrough Of Complete Facebook Business Manager
    • Importance and understanding of Ads and Campaigns
    • Understanding Facebook Campaign Marketing Objectives
    • Basic SEO Optimization of your Store
    • Introduction To Editing The Ad Set Level In Detail, From Targeting To Placements To Budget
    • How to decide your audience
    • How To Connect With New Audiences And Lower Your Ad Costs Via Facebook Ads
    • Understanding Sales Funnel౼Lead Generation, Retargeting, Conversion, Dynamic Ads (For E-Commerce) And Practical Tracking Strategies
    • How To Optimize And Set Your Personalized Marketing Goals
    • Facebook Pixels and Optimize Pixels For Conversions
    • Understanding To Create Mobile Ads And Optimize Campaign Efforts
    • Strategies to Track your Performance
  8. Optimisation of Campaigns and Influencer Marketing

    • Strategies to optimize campaigns
    • Introduction to influencer marketing
    • Influencer Marketing Fit into Marketing Mix
    • Cost of influencer marketing cost
    • Managing your influencer campaigns
    • Ethics and Rules Affecting Influencer Marketing
  9. Scaling in Pakistan & Internationally

    • Ways to leverage global social media platforms
    • How to get access to already existing customer pools