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How to Sell on the TikTok Shop

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Mar 23, 2024

Duration: 3 Months with 6 Months Support
Class Timing: To be mutually decided with Students
Mode Of Training: Online & On Campus

24,500 PKR

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Tiktok Shop & Its Benefits

TikTok Shop is an exciting online marketplace that harnesses the power of the popular TikTok platform to create a unique shopping experience. With a large and engaged user base, TikTok Shop offers sellers the opportunity to showcase their products through engaging video content and reach a wider audience. Setting up a TikTok Shop account is a straightforward process that involves creating a profile, verifying your business, and linking it to the TikTok Shop platform.

Business Models in TikTok Shop

  • Private Label
  • White Label
  • Wholesale
  • Commission Base

Module Breakdown

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This is a complete overview of the actions you will take while building your business with the Enablers.

  1. Introduction & overview of TikTok Shop

    • Overview of TikTok Shop features and its benefits for businesses.
    • Understanding the potential of TikTok Shop as a marketing platform.
    • Why its important to start TikTok shop right now.
    • Budget Requirement in TikTok Shop.
    • Business models in TikTok Shop.
    • Can we start selling from Pakistan?
    • Services scope in TikTok Shop.
  2. Setting up a TikTok Shop Account

    • In which countries TikTok Shop is Currently available.
    • Requirements for UK TikTok Shop.
    • Requirements for US TikTok Shop.
    • Connecting and verifying your TikTok Shop Account.
    • Why we need 3PL in TikTok Shop.
  3. Product Hunting & Sourcing

    • Exploring the TikTok Shop dashboard.
    • Understanding the different sections and features available.
    • Hunting methods for TikTok Shop.
    • Choosing the right products for your TikTok Shop.
    • Why its important to test your products.
    • Sourcing methods for TikTok Shop.
  4. Product Listing and Optimization

    • Listing hacks you must need to follow.
    • Optimizing product titles, descriptions, and tags for better visibility.
    • Uploading high-quality product images and videos.
    • Pricing strategies before uploading your listing.
  5. Use of Promotional tools & affiliate marketing

    • Types of promotional tools.
    • How we can use promotional tools in our listing.
    • Affiliate marketing plans in TikTok Shop.
    • How to find creators in TikTok Shop.
    • How to Contact Affiliate marketers.
    • Professional Message Templates for Creators.
    • Sending samples to creators.
  6. Shipping & Fulfillment of orders

    • Ship from Platform
    • Ship from Seller
    • Shipping Template
    • Orders from Awaited packing to Completed.
  7. TikTok ads

    • Setup Your TikTok ads account.
    • Choose your compaign setting.
    • Setup your first Ad.
    • Budgeting & optimisation.
    • Scaling.
  8. PayOuts & Questions

    • How to add payment methods.
    • Receiving Paymets through different channels.
    • Questions and guidance in on going launches.
    • Earning through different Channels in TikTok Shop.