Why Pakistanis should sell on FBA instead of other ecommerce platforms?

Why Pakistanis should sell on FBA instead of other ecommerce platforms?

You must think of leveraging Amazon if you are considering to launch and setup your own venture company. Due to Amazon’s excellent arrangement and extensive delivery network, many are utilizing this retail giant’s platform and generating revenue significantly day by day. Moreover, Amazon has reported that more than two million small businesses worldwide trade their merchandises on its marketplace.

Evidently, the advantages for Amazon seller are quite huge. But do you know that there are other great reasons why you should sell on Amazon FBA vs any other ecommerce platform? Below is the five of our favorite reasons:

Amazon FBA saves you the hassle

As an Amazon FBA seller all you have to do is to find the products and send them to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers/ warehouses. After that you can sit back, relax and devise your marketing strategies to grow your business without any logistics commotion. Once your products reaches at Amazon’s fulfillment center, their representatives pick, pack, and ship your products on your behalf. Moreover, other than that they also handle customer service and returns for you as well. All this results in your job as an ecommerce entrepreneur much easier than it would be without the services.

High consumer traffic

Starting off in 1994, Amazon has spent the 25 years building its A-one brand reputation and it’s paid off! According to statistical figures, Amazon receives 2.64 billion visits to just its US site per month. That’s more than twice the amount of traffic than other online retail platforms like eBay gets!

This is not even the craziest statistic. What’s impressive is that eBay has 167 million monthly users whereas Amazon has 300 million, which is double the amount of users than eBay has. In short, Amazon has a bigger market and is far more competitive for individual vendors and entrepreneurs, hence, you should choose Amazon if brand identity is as important to you as creating sales.

Evaluate your Amazon sales for a specific product before selling

Because of the availability of Amazon’s best-seller ranking data and with the help of software or extensions, you can truly estimate the regular sales for a particular product before you even start selling it. This excellent thing helps you enough to make decisions on whether you should include a particular product or not.

For instance, a product like a nail cutter might get sold over 400 items each month, whereas a set of hammer tool box might only sell 150 items per month. This makes your decision pretty clear about the product research. It’s amazing that you can calculate Amazon sales in 10 seconds or less. Cool, isn’t it?

Make and manage your identifiable listing on Amazon

You can create your own product on Amazon by a method called private label and because of that you have 100% control over what includes into the listing. That comprises of title, description, images, and price.

Amazon is accessible

New millionaires are produced every year, acknowledgements to Amazon FBA. This is generally because Amazon is able to be used and produced in a range of capabilities. Due to all of the above-mentioned benefits of selling on Amazon including but not limited to Amazon FBA warehousing, high consumer traffic, sales estimation software and listing control; it’s comparatively easy to grow your business from small business to a multi-million dollar empire.


By now you might have gotten that how astonishing and impressive it is to get started with this incredible entrepreneurial opportunity to profit. Learn more about building Amazon business and selling on Amazon from Pakistan by enablers.pk. Make sure to register to Enabler’s Amazon training sessions to learn more about how to start up and sell on Amazon FBA for beginners from Pakistan.

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