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We came up with an idea of what else we can do to make sure our current Enablers Boot Camp Students success percentage gets higher. so if we have 20 students per session in each city then we would have atleast 80% of students start doing Amazon business instead of just continue to Learn!

We have looked into the reasons of why some students do not end up starting a Business on Amazon and there were two main reasons for it

  1. I Do not have anyone outside of Pakistan so cannot make ID (We offered Dashboard and ID solutions already)
  2. I do not have that much investment right now and may start later on and may not end up doing it!

So to cover up this issue “I do not have that much investment right now and may start later on” We have been looking into several options for Enablers Boot Camp students.

We are introducing EMS (Enablers Mentor Support) for Enablers Boot Camp (EBC) students.

As we all know Amazon is NOT an easy game and requires proper training and decent amount of investment – The challenge I have seen is that if you have money then you can only do this business otherwise find an investor etc for that – so Enablers came up with an idea that we will NOW be entertaining students who can afford low budgets and do not end up starting business due to their investment challenges but they do have skills set.

How Does it work ?

Every Enablers City Lead will be having an Amazon account for every individual Enablers Boot Camp Batch and every student willingly can equally invest money into it to start Amazon Selling under one or multiple products against that account (whoever cannot afford it)

This Amazon account will be managed by Enablers City Lead along with Enablers Boot Camp Students as an equal profit share / investment Partner and the share of the profit will be equally divided among all including Enablers City Lead.

This will not only encourage every-one that they can sell with low budgets but it will give every Enablers Boot Camp Student amazing practical how know about seller central management too which Enablers will give further access by providing Child accounts.

Few questions may come up in your mind.


Q: How many students will be against per account as a partner under Enablers City Lead Leadership.

A: Ideally 5 – 8 students per team with equal investment / Profit share.

Q: how we will get seller account ? – Would each Enablers City Lead be making new seller account – How the profit / loss will be shared etc ?

A: Loss and profit will be mentioned in the contract, But each student get the most hand On Practical Experience even in case of loss which is worst scenario. Whoever gets the ID and account will get 10% extra profit from that team.

Q: How P & L will be managed

A: Transparent P & L will be shared with all partners against one account and everyone will have access to Amazon Seller account.

Q: How much investment each partner needs to add to become the team member.

A: It will be decided based on each team member of Enablers Boot Camp.

Enablers DO not want to hear this now that I DO NOT have an Investment – you would have BOTH now from Enablers (ID and Investment Opportunity with Like-minded people in your Batch)

You can get in touch with Enablers City Lead to formalize it further if you are Enablers Boot Camp student or about to come in coming batch!

Good luck!

Saqib Azhar