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Hi Enablers Fellows,

I hope everyone had a great Zoom session about How to Create PayPal Account from Pakistan.

Thanks for all the massages. it will take some time for me to reply so please do not think I am ignoring all of your messages.

Here is the recording for your reference, but these are some steps you need to understand before getting into it.

Please DO NOT try to open as an Individual account – it has to be on the name of the COMPANY otherwise you may end up getting this terminated after few days / weeks or months! So we need you to work on the solution which can work for long term!

In Summary – you need below information:

  1. UK VPS – Buy from here:
  2. UK Virtual Number:
    1. Buy from here:
  3. Valid Email: any of your email
  4. Company Details:
    1. UK Company can be opened from here:
    2. We are planning to run this session and will announce soon about time and date.
    3. There are plenty of accountants available who can register UK LTD Company for you.
  5. UK Bank Account: Monzo Bank which is an App as that can be used to open Bank account which then can link with PayPal where the money will get in.
    1. Monzo and Transfer-Wise has a partnership so you can withdraw money in Pakistan via that.

For details – please see complete video for your reference which should give you complete understanding along with screens which you expect to see while creating an account.

I do not want to hear anymore if someone say I cannot create PayPal Account from Pakistan – this is a complete legal working solution and it is working for many people, however, no one has shared this information in that detail before, however, this should ENABLE you now to create PayPal from Pakistan!

Lastly, Thanks to Furrukh Malik for running this Amazing step by step zoom session and answering all the questions – it was indeed helpful for all.


Saqib Azhar