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Get ready for the changes coming in January 2020, and how to use sponsored messages in Facebook Manychat.

There are currently five different message types that you can use in Facebook Messenger via ManyChat:

1) 24 hour window (standard messaging):

  • Allows you to send a message within 24 hours of your subscriber’s last interaction
  • Can be promotional
  • Free to send

2) +1 message (follow-up message)

  • A single message
  • Can be promotional
  • Free
  • No longer available after January 15th 2020

3) Subscription messaging:

  • Non promotional
  • Free
  • Only available to approved news pages after January 15th, 2020

4) Message tags:

  • Can be sent outside of the 24 hour window
  • Non promotional
  • Free
  • Changing to four supported tags after January 15th, 2020

5) Sponsored messaging

  • Allows you to reach your existing page audience
  • Can be promotional
  • Paid
  • Staying the same in January 2020

Must review your flows and apply the appropriate tags to any Facebook messages that could be sent outside the 24 hour window

We will create a new flows for Manychat in January 2020 and will distribute to everyone including Listing Promoters.

Saqib Azhar