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Many people do ask me je koi quick win products bhi hone chahaye which we can sell on Amazon and make quick money. Well I fully believe seasonal products are really good for making quick money on Amazon. Do no underestimate seasonal products at all!

The first thing you should remember it that this niche is made up of high risk products to sell on Amazon. But, the higher the risk, the higher the reward!

The investment might be lower compared to other areas of business, and when considering the ROI, they are normally quick selling products that have higher returns. Taking these point into consideration, the advantages of a seasonal product can often outweigh the disadvantages of selling.

So, advantages of seasonal products are:

  • Low investments
  • Quick profit/returns

And disadvantages/risks are:

  • Not suitable for long-term profit
  • Higher risks

Risks are especially high for products that have a selling season that lasts only a few weeks (about 1-4 weeks) per year. For example, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and similar holidays have these short seasons. Risks are high as it is quite difficult to predict the inventory. This can possibly lead to missing potential profits by not stocking enough (not a terrible problem to have), or it can lead to having “deadstock,” i.e. unsold items/blocked money/investments (that’s a big problem!).

Smart Amazon sellers Like Me : – ) prepare their seasonal products well ahead of the start of the season. we keep it ready for purchase online so once they step into the season, the business goes red hot!

However, Don’t choose a seasonal product as your first product! Use seasonal products only when you are sure how, and want to make a quick profit.

Good luck!

Saqib Azhar